We sat down with Lisa Diegel, Director of Sustainability at Faherty, for a conversation on eco-conscious ecommerce. This impactful discussion brought an amazing audience of brands, merchants, and tech partners to Shopify’s event space in Soho for an inspiring afternoon of sustainability insights and success stories. Watch the video above for insights on growing your brand with sustainability and shaping the future of retail for the better.

ANSHEY: Sustainability is a very broad word. I’d love to hear both what sustainability means to yourself, and to Faherty? LISA: I think I share the idea that brands need to be accountable for the products they put out into the world. And also for all of the people that work within their supply chain and in the communities that we work in, and sell in, and that everybody lives in. So we really focus on asking “how can we hold ourselves accountable?” “What is our impact in all of these areas and what can we do to reduce it?” I’ve heard people say that brands really can’t be 100% sustainable, that there’s always going to be some impacts. So I like that Faherty says that they are sustainably minded. It means that we’re looking for better choices, we’re trying to do the right thing– we’re trying to be responsible.

Watch the video above for more ideas, insights, and inspiration on sustainability.

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