Case Study Update: Dia&Co

Product Bundling Feature with Custom Shopify Script

Dia&Co is known for its styling expertise and the tight knit community of its Style Box members. When Verbal+Visual first launched the DTC Dia Shop site, the goal was to introduce Dia’s value proposition to a wider customer base and begin to build customer relationships and trust that could translate into growth for the subscription business as well.

Post launch, we’ve continued to make updates to the site to achieve this goal, including a new product bundling feature that brings the best of both the Dia Shop and Dia Style Box functionality. The bundling feature, built using a custom Shopify script, recommends a set of products (the bundle) that are automatically apply a discount and allow the customer to select variants and add the bundle to the cart in just a few clicks.

Dia&Co Bundling 1

Previously, the site had bundled products shown as a carousel, but selecting one product would direct the customer to that product’s individual PDP. The carousel of bundled products worked well to showcase Dia’s styling recommendations but it did not provide a seamless customer experience.

The new bundling feature groups these products onto one “PDP” where each product shows its variant options, size options, and a dropdown product description. Selecting variants on any of the products included in the bundle will automatically update the product image to show that look. The bundle page also clearly shows the value proposition of purchasing the products as one bundle at a discounted price. Adding the bundle to the cart automatically adds the two individual SKU’s at their discounted price.

Dia&Co Bundling 2

All of these small pieces of functionality add up to create what feels like a simple and intuitive front-end experience, take our word for it that the infrastructure on the back-end is quite complex!

The improved UX results in:

  • Showcasing the outfit while selecting variants
  • Automatically applied discount in the shopping cart
  • Significantly reduced steps in the checkout process
  • Dia&Co Bundling 3

    What’s most exciting for our team at Verbal+Visual is that this feature that we built for Dia&Co can work for our other clients as well. The custom Shopify script and UX flow can be customized to for other use cases like bundling products with cross sell or upsell items, or bundling a brand’s product with a third party retailer’s. If you’re interested in reimagining what product bundles can do on your site, drop a line here.


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