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Humankind Utilizes ReCharge + Shopify Plus for Recurring Billing Solution

Personalization in the E-Commerce Space

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Challenge: Offer an auto-ship subscription option.

Humankind's customer and competitive research show that consumers in the pet food market desire auto subscription. Therefore, consumers want the ability to subscribe for pet food delivery, from weekly to monthly depending on the pet's size, health, and activity level.

Solution: Implement the custom options Humankind requires, and provide an interface their internal team can easily manage.

Verbal+Visual considered two different platforms and ultimately chose ReCharge to power the recurring subscription portion of the website. Because of ReCharge's extensive, out-of-the-box feature set, and its ability to customize code to meet special client requests, it became a good fit. V+V strategized internally with Humankind to create a list of requirements for their e-commerce site utilizing Shopify Plus. In addition, V+V worked to implement a range of custom options, including:

  • The option for users to choose the frequency of shipments from each individual product page.
  • Asynchronous switching between one-time and ReCharge purchases on both the cart and checkout pages.
  • An address verification feature that integrates with Google Maps to ensure accuracy on any shipping address entered.

Results: A customized, user-friendly e-commerce experience.

Since launching their new site, Humankind has seen 150% month-over-month growth. As a result, Humankind is proud to be the #1 fastest growing human-grade pet food company. Results are satisfied pet owners with peace-of-mind, and happy and healthy pets all over the country.

Integrations: ReCharge, Shopify Plus


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