Kicking Off With Veja

In-Store Point of Sales Setup For A Rapidly Growing Sneaker Brand

Veja, a fast rising mission-driven sneaker company from Paris, opened its flagship New York store in SoHo last week. The brand’s innovative sneakers have been around since 2005, bringing together organic, fair trade, environmental and social reintegration through their production process.

The new Veja store showcases their core values by keeping many of the original locations’ details, including a bare wooden floor and unpainted walls. The site is as much an ode to sneakers as it is a statement about their belief system, and results in a uniquely intersectional experience, featuring modern SoHo style combined with stripped down decor.

Walking in, you’re met with a bold statement that reads “Sustainability is an empty word. We choose reality.” To the left, a single shoe sits in the middle of a graphic painted on the wall to demonstrate some of the properties of the shoe and its production path. Close to the storefront windows, a projector plays a video on loop with two pairs of wireless headphones nearby which customers can use to listen.

All of these in-store touchpoints mirror the brand’s digital experience which provides continuity for people who may have seen the brand online or are long-time customers. The full wall of shoes is the perfect backdrop for social media posts, giving customers a way to create user-generated content.

Verbal+Visual strategized, implemented, and supported the Veja team with a Shopify POS system implementation to manage inventory, process in-store purchases, and store customer data for their new location. As with any omnichannel integration, it’s critical that the data from online and offline systems is syncing in real time with the ERP. We partnered with Fisher Technology to integrate Shopify POS with Sage, ensuring product and inventory is synced in real-time between the store and the Veja warehouse.

You can visit the new Veja store at 205 Mulberry Street, 7 days a week from 11am-7pm.









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