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Backend Integration with Maximizer, Nextopia & Shopify Plus

Leveraging legacy systems to create a new eCommerce experience


Challenge: Integrate with legacy back-office systems while migrating to Shopify Plus.

The Tufenkian team is looking to transition to a more seamlessly integrated ERP and CRM in the future, but they wanted to tackle one major transition at a time. Because these rugs are handcrafted with precision or painstakingly sourced, flowing seamlessly with technology is essential. They did not want to change e-commerce platforms and task their team with re-learning additional systems in tandem.

Solution: Sync with Tufenkian's ERP and integrate with Nextopia.

Verbal+Visual persisted new customer information to Maximizer CRM via API, and also generated emails/triggered sends for internal use with Mailchimp/Mandrill API.  We also built an abstraction layer on top of Nextopia, a leading search site provider, to allow users to select and remove multiple filters without page reload. This integration paved way to synchronized automation, giving the Tufenkian team the power to process orders more quickly and efficiently from inventory and order management, to accounting and customer relationship management, and everything in between.

Tufenkian Artisan Carpets Products Code Base

Result: A polished, integrated backend. 

The Tufenkian team now has a backend that runs around the clock and updates inventory based on the inventory levels in a hosted xml file. This information is mapped via SKU and results in smooth internal management. Additionally, Tufenkian has since seen an increase in online sales. The result is a site that provides customers with immediate gratification for rugs that ultimately take 4-8 months to create, as well as an efficient solution for the team at Tufenkian — a digital presence that now aligns with the prestige of their timeless, handwoven carpets.

Integrations: Nextopia, Maximizer, Mailchimp/Mandrill API, Shopify Plus



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