At Verbal+Visual, we craft considered e-commerce experiences for thoughtful brands.

Brands that put people and product over profit and pollution. Brands that boldly tell their story, build community, and empower artisans. Brands that believe in the power of the collective.

Together, we make commerce that matters.


Create Meaningful Impact

Brands are remembered based upon the impact they make in this world. Having true impact means caring about people, product, and planet alike. We partner with brands as an e-commerce extension of their team, to help them fulfill their mission.

Utilize a Growth Mindset

When a brand and its’ team members are open and active participants in the process, it allows both parties to achieve the best possible result. We find teams who desire the best products, the best experiences, and the most positive impact on the world; they put all of that above their own needs and wants, and aspire to be the best – at everything.

Storytelling With Soul

Sparking an emotional connection enables consumers to connect with your brand and feel like they’re a part of your movement. We showcase your story by utilizing informative and interactive content throughout your digital experience, which creates an authentic and long-lasting connection between brand and consumer.

Inform Design With Data

By leveraging multiple data sources (analytics, industry data, user tests, qualitative), we can accurately predict, test, and iterate upon all of our design decisions throughout the process. By the time we launch, we’re not guessing that your platform will perform at a high level; we know it will.



Our iterative design process leads consumers quickly forming an emotional connection with the brand, and then guiding them through the purchasing process easily and often. By utilizing data and analyzing consumer behavior, we *know* your platform will perform.


  • Competitive & Comparative Analysis
  • User Experience Design & Prototyping
  • Visual Design For All Screens
  • Content Creation & Refinement
  • Testing & Optimization
  • Build

    By utilizing Shopify Plus as our e-commerce platform of choice, we can then build from that foundation and focus on what truly matters: developing a robust technology stack to run your store effectively. We weave together technology services and utilize panels and software that aggregate data, allowing you to see how your business is running and where to invest going forward.


  • Systems Architecture & Testing
  • Full Stack Shopify Plus Development
  • 3rd Party Platform Setup & Integrations
  • Setup & Automation of Order Fulfillment Processes
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Optimization

    By continuously testing and iterating on the commerce experience, we're able to gradually and positively impact the lifetime value of potential and existing customers. We strategize, test, and optimize the platform to fuel your brands' growth.


  • Analytics Reviews & Recommendations
  • Business Intelligence Reviews & Recommendations
  • Merchandising Reviews & Recommendations
  • A/B testing / User Testing & Recommendations
  • Load time optimization
  • Drip campaign optimization
  • Growth

    In order to grow your brand, we'll develop and implement strategies around new features, new content, and digital outreach to continue attracting and retaining customers.


  • New Feature Recommendations & Implementation
  • Copywriting & Photography
  • Email Newsletters
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Landing pages
  • Our Space

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    Our studio is the heartbeat of our operation and embodies the spirit of V+V. Consisting of whiteboard-friendly walls, locally-constructed furniture, and a diverse array of greenery, the open layout allows us to craft truly world-class commerce experiences. Welcome home.


    Anshey Bhatia

    CEO & Director of Sales

    As CEO & Founder of Verbal+Visual, Anshey is dedicated to brands whose purpose goes beyond commerce. In partnering with brands who combine commerce with care, Anshey's purpose is to craft digital experiences which make consumers feel pride, passion, and purpose.

    Caroline Dau

    COO & Director of Strategy

    Caroline takes pride in building true relationships with clients that transcend any specific project or assignment. She feels that when it comes to working together, forming that bond is just as important as the end result.

    Thomas Quigley

    Creative Director

    Dedicated to pushing personal, client and project boundaries, Thomas places idea generation at the centre of the creative process. He believes that open and honest collaboration throughout a project is fundamental to creating an outcome which is impactful, engaging, and meaningful.

    Ross Wittenberg

    Director of Technology

    Inspired by the pursuit for elegant solutions to complex problems, Ross is committed to building reliable and performant digital products for Verbal+Visual's clients. He is passionate about bringing to life beautiful design through equally beautiful code.

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