The Challenge

  Faherty came to Verbal+Visual because their e-commerce experience was blocking them from reaching their ambitious revenue goals. We knew our task was two fold: solve today’s challenges as soon as possible and build a better foundation for the future of the brand. Not only did we improve site performance and unlock higher conversion rates, we also built a framework for an e-commerce experience that can continue to grow with Faherty as their business grows.



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Our Impact In Numbers


Increase in revenue


increase in TOS


increase in AOV



Our strategy is focused on balancing immediate wins with longer term investments:

1. Future-proofing the infrastructure for growth, including site migration.

2. Introducing data-driven feature decisions with focus on CRO, profitability and operational infrastructure.

3. In Year 2 of our ongoing partnership, complex merchandising was made easy: establishing a flexible product data structure, pressure testing it, and leveraging analytics, alongside product grouping and the implementation of Searchspring.

4. Leveraging user testing to establish performance benchmarks for success.

5. Building strong emotional connection for our audience by enhancing storytelling, and enabling evangelism through loyalty and retention tools.  

Seamless Search Flow

We achieved a remarkable shift in the search experience, based on a holistic and user-centric approach. Our work resulted in an exceptionally robust search capability that seamlessly presents products, collections, and articles — all in response to a single search query.

Multitasker cart

We implemented a robust shopping cart functionality that goes beyond the basics. Leveraging user history and views, we incorporated upselling techniques and introduced convenient features such as at-home try-on, gifting, and personalized message options. Additionally, we included wishlist functionality to further engage users to personalize their experience.

Faherty 5
Personalized Account + Fit Support

Within their accounts, users can effortlessly monitor their membership level progress and spending habits. Upgraded members enjoy dedicated services: Hemster gives customers the option to custom tailor pants as they order, and Hero is a virtual shopping tool that gives customers the option to talk to an in-store associate.

We implemented the True Fit feature to help customers find perfect sizing options based on their past purchases, in tandem with AI-aggregated data that compares Faherty’s catalog to different brands for sizing differences.

Merchandising and Omnichannel

To address the challenge with Shopify's 100 variant limit (a combination of colors and sizes for their complex assortment of products) we implemented customization features, allowing users to seamlessly interact with numerous products through a single interface without page reloading. We also included a toggle feature that allows a user to view the same product on different models.

  Additionally, the tech stack included omnichannel support for Point of Sale (POS) integration, enabling Faherty to bridge the gap between online and offline shopping experiences in the second year of our three year partnership.

“We’re thrilled with the work. Great job by the team. We're excited to create the greatest clothing site ever!!”

Alex Faherty

Founder and CEO