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Welcome to the GREATS philosophies: Buy better. Buy less. Source durable high-quality materials. Be trend resistant. Choose classic styling. Prioritize ethical manufacturing.

We crafted the new GREATS digital experience to embody their values: Timeless, classic, & built to last.

Built to Last

GREATS shoes embody a timeless look. The newly crafted digital experience follows suit. Strong lines, smooth motion, and a classic typeface come together to form a classic look within a flexible design system that’s built to last.

Moments of Impact

V+V focused in on two vital elements of impact when shopping online: the navigation and the product detail page, both of which feature screen takeovers and smooth animations, leaving customers in awe of elegance.

The Royale Kingdom

The Royale Blanco is not only the most popular GREATS shoe, but it’s also considered one of the best shoes in the industry. This timeless classic is consistently featured as a top sneaker on prominent industry publications. Given its industry status, we showcased the Royale Blanco and the entire Royale collection prominently throughout the site.

Interlacing The Look

In redesigning the GREATS digital experience, a major goal was to ensure comfort and familiarity between online and offline. By designing the digital experience so that the product is the hero and is given ample space to breathe, the new site mimics the calming, comforting, and open feel of the in-store experience.

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