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The Challenge

After years of difficulties with the Magento 1.x platform, Milly was faced with a difficult decision and potentially business altering decision: upgrade to Magento 2.0, or re-platform to Shopify Plus. In the end, the existing infrastructure proved too difficult to maintain and too costly, leading to lost opportunities for conversions.

After careful consideration, the Milly team decided to work with Verbal+Visual to migrate the Magento site to Shopify Plus. The goal was to migrate to a new e-commerce platform, and concurrently use the migration as an opportunity to create a new digital backbone for the business to thrive on going forward.

The migration posed a number of challenges including the need to restructure inconsistent and messy data. Additionally, there was a need to reconsider operations such as order and inventory management, managing pre-orders and backorders, and determining the best POS sytem for the business long term. Strategizing around the structure of this data, as well as integrating with the right 3rd party systems to help manage these operations became a central aspect of this project.

The Solution

We worked closely with the Milly to ensure all product data was cleaned up in the migration. This was a huge win; we ensured merchandising can be implemented efficiently, and that products are appropriately related for cross-sell and upsell. Shopify Point Of Sales was implemented into the brick and mortar locations, replacing the prior system, KWI. New processes for store employees were crafted and kept as a reference to ensure a seamless transition, and StitchLabs was integrated to facilitate inventory and order management. StitchLabs is used for location management for all distribution points: the e-commerce channel primarily, as well as Milly's two retail locations. Now, the Milly team now has an infrastructure in place that is scalable, efficient, and built for the foreseeable future.

Additionally, Verbal+Visual was tasked with optimizing the visual design of the site without changing the design structure from the previous site. We challenged our design team to keep the core of the existing visual identity and digital experience, while finding areas of opportunity to ensure consistency through type, spacing and a refined navigation. The result is a beautiful interface focused on an easy and engaging shopping experience.

Given the vast product catalog, personalization was incredibly important for the Milly target audience. The site was integrated with SearchSpring for advanced search and dynamic merchandising for search results, ensuring customers using the search functionality see the most relevant results for them in an instant.

Additionally, Evergage was used for personalized product recommendations as a user shops. Ensuring customers are presented with products that are most relevant to them has led to a significant improvement in engagement and conversion.

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