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Olivia Palermo is a global tastemaker, amassing a following of over six million fans through carefully curated social channels and strategic partnerships with fashion companies and designers. The newly formed Olivia Palermo Group has sprung from Olivia’s enormous success and is taking control of its own narrative by creating a beautiful editorial experience for Olivia-branded apparel and providing a hub for her collaborations. This digital platform is a sophisticated storytelling experience which is built upon the mutual bonds formed through interactions between Olivia and her community.


Inspired by classic Vogue editorials, Olivia wanted to blur the lines between editorial and e-commerce design and functionality. Every aspect of the experience is designed to give visitors a fluid experience discovering stories, interacting with content, and shopping along the way. The OP Edits section contains breathtaking imagery and enthralling copy infused with shoppable products, mimicking the functionality of a physical magazine.

A Flexible Content Management System

Verbal+Visual implemented a customizable content management solution for the OP Edits section, the defacto blog on the site. Leveraging Shopify’s native CMS, the team built custom content modules which are editable and interchangeable, enabling Olivia’s creative team the flexibility to customize nearly every design element within the blog and throughout the site. Each editorial piece was allowed ultimate flexibility within a visual system, allowing each piece to be unique in its structure and content while maintaining predictable design standards at the same time.

The OP3

The “swim lane” is a visual element V+V designed to showcase Olivia’s Product Picks of the Week. The feature is inspired by layouts found in print editorial, and adds e-commerce functionality to the equation, including a hover over a drawer which opens to reveal a product card. This dynamic swim lane adds a shoppable element to the site and provides an impactful moment of discovery and surprise during the customer journey.

Phased Approach For Launch

The website went through various iterations in order to showcase the Olivia brand as it moved towards its’ full launch. Initially, a video-background splash page established the brand presence and captured emails. Afterwards, as a tease to the upcoming full product line launch, an extended version of the original splash page was crafted to generate more buzz. In June 2019, the Karl Lagerfeld x Olivia Palermo collaboration released on the website with a black and white application to the forthcoming site launch, which followed the central color theme of the collection.

Finally, the full site launched in August 2019 to unveil Olivia’s own product line and other high-profile collaborations. This complete content+commerce digital experience is the culmination of the editorial vision Olivia planned from the outset, and the completion of several successful launches along the way.

Establish Digital Guidelines

Using Olivia’s print branding, V+V contributed to the brand guidelines by making sure assets are optimized for a mobile e-commerce experience. Our creative team contributed to brand assets and built out a kit that the Olivia Palermo’s team can present to retail partners, allowing flexibility and scalability to the visual brand well beyond the digital platform.

Integrated Video Modules

Our design team embedded smaller video modules within larger content sections, instead of using the more standard full screen video backgrounds. The experiential videos, appearing on collaboration pages, make the site feel more dynamic by contrasting color and movement with solid backgrounds and spacing. This design choice is another example of a digital editorial concept finding its way into the shopping experience and contextualized for e-commerce best practices.


With an international audience in mind, the Verbal+Visual team broke from design conventions to present a unique editorial vision, filled with “moments of joy”, a term Olivia used to refer to visual elements that are universally fun and relatable.

The creative team removed technical considerations from the ideation process, encouraging free-form, overlapping design elements. Converting concepts to functional, optimized pages was possible through constant communication with the development team and a shared determination to push the boundaries of Shopify’s CMS. Olivia’s digital experience matches the experience of interacting with Olivia herself: full of moments of joy, constantly fashionable, and always engaging.

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