Pat McGrath’s reimagined digital experience is as unique as the beauty icon herself. To evoke her edgy and daring personality, the site weaves the mold-breaking aesthetic of her beauty products with the digital experience of the brand’s e-commerce site.

Verbal+Visual worked with Pat McGrath’s creative team to bring her vision to life through intensive UX strategy, custom development, and an animated user experience. This immersive experience boasts a best-in-class e-commerce journey alongside bright and energetic content plays that feels raw and energizing.


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01 A Seductive Strategy

Verbal+Visual developed a top-line strategic framework by applying functional and technical requirements to the design concepts. Bringing the site to life meant interpreting the provided design concepts into what is now an interactive e-commerce experience driven by a modular design & development system.

With content at the fore, we developed a robust metafields structure for custom product data, and ensured an infrastructure build for both scale and easy administration.

02 PDPs For Product Types

Pat is known for her attention to detail and a scientific yet artistic approach to creating beauty products for lips, eyes, and face, meaning each category of product carries distinct characteristics. As a result, we developed several unique Product Detail Pages to match these categories, utilizing custom content management on the admin side to account for the appropriate product info.

In addition, we also designed the PDP’s to have a background image appear behind the hero product, giving the PDP’s an in-depth look at the product in action. For example, the eye shadow PDP surfaces key product information such as its respective highlights, depth & definition, along with the ingredients that make up the palette. The foundation PDP has a unique color variant selector with variants grouped by shade.

Each of these unique features were developed from the design concepts to give customers what they would expect from an in-person experience: educational and immersive content that raises the bar for beauty brands.

eye shadow image