With a growing e-commerce footprint and the impetus to refine and revive their brand with a more custom site experience, Splendid approached Verbal+Visual to bring a fresh perspective to their digital flagship site. As a namesake brand known for comfort and quality in essentials, we designed the site with a scalable system to help Splendid serve customers across all devices.

Always keeping the customer top-of-mind, we conducted multiple validation tests around the user journey to pressure-test the path to purchase. We also worked collaboratively with the client and the development partner, Blue Acorn, to ensure the site experience best served the customers and improved key site metrics.


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01 Refined Brand Experience

One of the big initiatives on this project was to explore and design for an evolution of the brand’s visual identity. As part of this exercise, V+V worked with Splendid to enhance their brand elements and align on a visual refresh that was less focused on trend-driven design and more geared to visuals that evoked an energized sense of positivity, authenticity, and sustainable sensibility.

To bring this vision to life, our designers created a refreshed and modernized brand palette that focused on promoting clarity of information. With organic lines and a balance of color and open white space, we created room for the content to breathe. We also incorporated subtle shadows to evoke a light, luxurious feel to each page, appealing to the brand’s character.

When it came to the typeface, we explored various treatments that would compliment the visual enhancements we made. The chosen font was an organic stylish serif, encouraging a shift towards the newly refined brand spirit, and embodying the desired premium and optimistic nature of the brand.

02 Heroic In Nature

The UX and information architecture of the site was a top priority to create a sustainable and scalable site map for growth. With features and needs continuously evolving, our team ensured the right system was in place to account for the evolution of the brand offerings while continuing to promote the hero products.

With the navigation being a key element on the site for exploration, we worked closely to redesign it based on best practices and insights we gained from our research. In speaking with the client team about their key product categories, women’s remained at the top. Therefore, to showcase the emphasis around these best-selling products, we created a hierarchical navigation that highlighted the women’s section promoting visibility, while also allowing the sub-categories for kids and home to be showcased as well.

03 Dynamic Design Approach

The design system we created for Splendid was based on our component library, with the addition of a unique brand library of reusable modules. One of the goals in doing the redesign was to give the client more flexible CMS options that allow them to include color and unique design details.

We prototyped our designs with the updated brand assets to illustrate how they would come to life on the site and established more page flexibility to break away from the overly-templatized look and were able to allow for unique customizations to the background color, CTA, and hover states based on the brand’s visual identity.

04 A Seamless Development Handoff

As we worked on the strategy and creative direction of the redesign, we partnered closely with the development partner, Blue Acorn, to ensure a seamless build on Magento 2. With regularly scheduled touch bases, we remained aligned at every critical decision point, especially as we ideated and planned for the roll out of Splendid’s new features of BOPIS, custom embroidery, and a new checkout flow.

To ensure a seamless development handoff, we verified our design approach with the developers by having our UX and design team create comprehensive user flows for these features — a particularly pertinent exercise for the custom bridal embroidery on the PDP and the checkout flow. We outlined the different states of how the feature would work across the site, showing all of the different directions a user can take, and what the outcome would look like. Once the user flows and maps were fleshed out, we validated the wireframes to account for the right logic and best practices that would enhance conversion and AOV.