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The Challenge

For more than a century, Supima cotton has been farmed across the south and southwest of the United States and used by top brands to create softer, more durable, high quality products. Supima was making a push to the consumer facing market to ensure that customers understood the quality of Supima and were aware of all of the wonderful brands using it. Supima partnered with V+V to refresh and elevate their digital presence to reflect the elegance, luxury, and sustainability of the cotton itself.

The Solution

Supima originally had two different sites — one for consumers, another for suppliers — and partnered with V+V to achieve a single, integrated e-commerce space that is optimized for user experience and a celebration of the cotton’s quality, craftsmanship, and heritage. Finding design inspiration in the cotton itself, we developed a light, elevated platform that harmonizes with the luxury brands Supima cotton is known for across fashion, accessories, and home markets.

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