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The Challenge

TellTale, a new lingerie brand from the Chico’s FAS family, was looking for a partner to bring its radical mission and way of storytelling to life. Believing that a woman has more than one ‘look’ (e.g., dreamer, daredevil, influencer) and that she expresses herself differently each day, the team set out to create a product line and a commerce experience that empowers women to explore and dictate their own customer journeys.

The Opportunity

It was important that we provide TellTale the flexibility to express itself through the website as the brand continues to evolve. Unencumbered by a templated theme, it’s simple to adapt based on insights and feedback from a fast-growing customer base. A tailor-made backend makes it easy to create and manage new experiences on the website. We started on the ground floor and created a visual design and dev framework that combines rich storytelling with e-commerce best practices. The custom tools and design elements are constructed to optimize the path to purchase but also stay out of the customer’s way.

Intimate Customer Journey

Our team devised a unique strategy for grouping products so shoppers can explore signature collections defined by mood or character. Shopify traditionally has two ways of displaying product collections - automated or manual sorting. Employing a custom data structure, TellTale products are grouped by bra style and show all the color variants per style. A mix of lifestyle and product photos embody a near-tactile sensation of the product’s look and feel.

We also enjoyed fabricating a suite of tools designed to make the customer journey fun and seamless, without dictating decisions; this adheres to the core philosophy that the Telltale woman is not confined to one identity and she’s free to explore all aspects of her personality.

Modular Construction

Each month, TellTale designers and buyers develop a theme based on their latest obsessions and curate a collection of items so there’s always something new to discover. With ever-evolving inspirations informing the design, their team relished the freedom to create and configure unique story pages within a drag and drop system, no coding necessary. The custom CMS (content management system) comprised of kit of individual modules, each containing a specific design layout. Their creative team can mix and match flexible content within Shopify’s back-end and preview the page in real time. On the website, it’s an immersive experience for customers to explore and interact with product through shoppable story boards.


We loved collaborating with TellTale to reinvent the shopping experience by shifting the relationship between brand and customer, giving customers more freedom to redefine themselves through the products and stories, in whichever way feels natural to them.

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