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The Challenge

Some might call The Sak an original DTC brand. Founded in 1989, The Sak crafts beautiful, handmade bags made by artisans in Bali. Throughout the 90’s, The Sak had a strong brick and mortar presence, even making a cameo on Friends. By the mid-2000’s, however, the business had shifted almost entirely to a wholesale model and has mainly remained steady in that approach ever since. Until recently, that is, when The Sak knew they had to return to their roots as a DTC brand. Enter Verbal+Visual.

The Solution

Verbal+Visual worked with the team at The Sak to redesign and replatform the entire e-commerce experience, making website management easy and integrating the e-commerce operations into the core wholesale business. Several variations of the mobile tab layout went through rigorous user testing and design auditing to assess functionality and ease of use. The navigation header now lets users seamlessly navigate between storefronts, creating an inter-connected shopping experience and bringing clarity to two unique brand experiences.

Discovery Process

Using The Sak’s existing brand guidelines, our creative team presented multiple style tile options that would help tell The Sak’s brand story. This helped to establish a cohesive visual language early on in the design process and aligned both teams, before building full-page mockups. The new site intertwines both Sak collections (The Sak and Sakroots) in a unique way, providing structurally identical yet visually distinct brand experiences, all on the same site and with the same checkout.

Integrated Charity

A pillar of The Sak is its dedication to charity, especially as it relates to Sakroots. We were able to tie in the ability to add a donation to the appropriate charity on a per product basis on individual Product Detail Pages. This encourages customers to learn and to donate to the appropriate charity while getting their new Sakroots bag at the same time.

Internal Efficiency

V+V’s design and development teams collaborated to create and refine a design system that can be implemented across launched pages, and sets the stage for future templates. This enables the e-commerce team at The Sak to reference and reuse a consistent set of UI elements to make site updates and preserve brand standards with confidence.

Brand Logo

The Results

Following launch, The Sak team’s new e-commerce experience saw a significant improvement in conversions, average order value, returning customers and units per transaction. In addition, the new platform allows the team internally to manage all content on the site and run operations efficiently and effectively. An original DTC brand has found its way back to its roots, connecting with customers directly and building connections and community through charity.




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