Warmee’s brand experience mimics a warm sunset, giving you the warmth and comfort you experience on a summer holiday, everyday.


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01 Fitting In & Standing Out

Warmee brings a new product to the newly established ecosystem of the smart home. Tech products introduced into the market often center the customer experience around the technology, but we wanted Warmee’s smart blanket to focus on a sense of comfort and quirkiness into the home while highlighting the technology.

warmee-casestudy-brand claim
02 Finding Their Voice

After conversations with Warmee’s team discussing brand customer personas, the brand’s mission, and the product features, Verbal+Visual designed brand guidelines to convey how the brand should interact with its customers in the digital and physical world. From typography to tone of voice, the brand guidelines tell the story of a company and product that cares about sustainability and bringing warmth and comfort into the home.

03 Marking Their Territory

Referencing the warm hues of a sunset and the warm embrace of a blanket, Verbal+Visual designed Warmee’s logo and colors to bring a sense of calm and familiarity. The visual identity is a departure from many smart home products that focus on the technological benefits and optimization of everyday life.

04 Offline Applications

In thinking about the offline experience and keeping with Warmee’s focus on sustainability, we designed packaging concepts around the idea that the box could be reused or as a storage holder for the blanket when it’s not in use.

05 Digital Experience

Our team designed site wireframes in tandem with the overall brand identity work. This allowed us to set up the core of what the site would look like, without needing the final product photography or style guide for launch. We’ve created a scalable site so when the product launches we can collect the data that we need to support benefit claims of product. We’ve allowed for space on the website and considered how that information will factor into the digital experience. Designing the brand identity and website happened on parallel paths.