A handcrafted, perfectly distilled whiskey with the flavor of Westward’s top rated single malt was in dire need of a digital experience to match the smooth nature of Westwards’ whiskeys.

Verbal+Visual brought this small-batch, inspired-by-the-elements approach to an elegant e-commerce solution, complete with a whiskey club configuration and multiple distribution channels, all within the Shopify framework.


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01 The Whiskey Club

The Westward Whiskey Club is perhaps the site’s most important feature. This insiders club gives community members the chance to explore new flavors and interact at real events. Member perks include periodic whiskey shipments, exclusive tastings, and first-round access to exclusive events. Verbal+Visual strategized the operations and customer experience deftly, allowing batch processing for admins, special products releases, and robust product distributions. We partnered with ReCharge for the subscription piece, allowing for a seamless technology integration with Shopify.

desk - The Whiskey Club
02 Fulfillment Flows

Given the nature of shipping liquor online, the website needed to communicate and reflect Westward’s distribution model in an easy to understand way. An age verification coupled with a state selection ensures customers use the Shopify shop or the Speakeasy platform, to follow local and international shipping & compliance regulations.

desk - Fulfillment Flows
03 Brand Application

Westward’s new branding and packaging speaks to the crisp feeling of the Pacific Northwest, featuring multiple nods to the elements which influence this sophisticated whiskey line.

We leveraged the new branding to design the site to feature the elements in a nuanced fashion. We also crafted the copy to depict Westward’s penchant for the great outdoors.

desk - Brand Application Combo