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The epitome of modern American glamour.

Over the past few decades, Jonathan Adler has helped design aficionados set the foundation for their homes. After managing on a fragmented tech infrastructure for years, it was finally time for the brand’s digital experience to find a new, singular home. Verbal+Visual migrated the JA global omnichannel experience to Shopify Plus and Shopify POS, allowing Jonathan Adler to bring its distinct American aesthetic to the entire world, online and offline.

Visual Refinement & Modular Content System

Given the distinct look and heritage of the Jonathan Adler brand, combined with the beautiful product line JA puts out, Verbal+Visual worked to utilize and enhance existing brand assets. We refined the provided design system and built dynamic pages and content areas, allowing the stunning lifestyle photography to be the hero.

Making It Your Own

Part of what makes Jonathan Adler’s eclectic and vibrant furniture special is the ability to customize it to your tastes. Comparing Cocoa vs Charcoal Velvet? Swatch selections dynamically update the product photo, giving customers an immediate image of the end product. In addition, the “Design Your Own” tool for pillows and blankets changes pattern, color, and fabric options, and allows for personalized monograms.

International & Omnichannel

In addition to the U.S. site launch, we utilized Shopify POS to setup the in-store checkout flow, as well as the new U.K. e-commerce shop. By utilizing Shopify POS for in-store and a duplicated instance of Shopify for the U.K., the Jonathan Adler team is able to see customers’ purchases and provide rewards from anywhere. Going global has never looked so good.

Shopify POS Implementation

Jonathan Adler has several stores and showrooms located across the world. By leveraging the Shopify Plus Point of Sales solution, customers now receive a seamless omnichannel experience, regardless of where they shop. In addition, all orders across all channels are managed through the same fulfillment system, ensuring operational efficiency and inventory accuracy managed in real-time.

"I cannot say enough about your team. The attitude and energy you all have over there makes a huge difference. The team was literally at my disposal for both launches. AMAZING."

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